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What Can We Do For You?

Lead Generation

We provide high quality leads in package sizes to suit your needs. Best of all, we have ‘No Lock-In Contracts’ and can start sending you leads in 3 days.

A.I Speed To Lead

Leverage cutting-edge AI and SMS integration to boost deal closures from new and existing leads, maximising profits without increasing ad spend.

Lead Qualification

We believe in quality over quantity. This is why we have our industry first 15-Point 'Prop Tech' Data Collection system to save you valuable time & money.

The 'Box Seat' Method

In most cases, the leads we give you will not have started actively looking at investment properties or first homes with your competitors, meaning you're in the 'Box Seat' to WIN their business first!

Email/SMS Nurturing

Your lead received an average of 4-6 touch points before you even pick up the phone to call. You're positioned as the expert they want to talk to, which helps to increase you pick up rates & conversions.

Lead Exclusivity

We'll deliver an agreed number of 'Exclusive' leads that have gone through a pre-qualification process so you know you will be busy 'every month' with the right people to consistently grow and scale your business.

CRM Integration

We connect with the most popular CRM’s and sales software (Salesforce, Zoho, Pipedrive). No double handling or manually adding the lead data we send you as this will automatically be stored in your CRM of choice.

Lead Reactivation

VIP Support: For any leads that our clients are having issues connecting with, our team reaches out (at no-charge) to each lead in an attempt to re-engage their interest in your service. You don't even have to make the request, we just do it.

Triple Guarantee

The entire purpose of us working together is to increase the number of Quality Leads generated for your business. So our black and white, Triple Guarantee to you is our: Consistency, Quality Control, and Re-Engagement Guarantee'

Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum leads we provide for clients is 20 lead packages. However, depending on your business size and sales goals we have some clients that purchase 40, 50 and 100 leads per month.

We always aim to help our clients achieve a 10% conversion rate (which is well above average in the property industry and only achievable through high-quality leads).
However, this is always a tough one as we know the quality of leads we generate and what our clients on average convert at, but what we don’t know is your current sales process and skill level. This may be fantastic or it may need a little work.
Don’t worry though as we’ll also help you improve your sales process and skills so you convert more leads into sales. Why? The more sales you make the more you will love us and our service and when that happens…. You’ll ask us for more leads. 

YES! Exclusive leads are a must! The truth is if you’re competing with people before you start … well, you’re in trouble and your conversion rate is likely to be poor. Your lead will have already received 4-6 touch points from us before you even speak to them, positioning you as an expert and increasing your credibility.

We leverage advanced A.I. technologies, including ChatGPT and SMS integration, to enhance lead conversion for our clients. Our approach combines the latest technology with an understanding of human behavior, enabling us to convert more cold and warm leads into satisfied clients.

Our Specialised Focus:
We exclusively partner with businesses in property-related niches, including those catering to First Home Buyers, Investors, Homeowners, Solar, and Pool Builders. This targeted focus provides us with a unique advantage in advertising to these specific audiences, as our team possesses in-depth knowledge of these markets.

Comprehensive Expertise:
Beyond our expertise in property, we have a nuanced understanding of finance, comprehending the intricacies involved in home loan approval—covering aspects such as serviceability, deposit, equity, income, and credit score. This comprehensive knowledge ensures that the leads we generate consistently hold a higher potential for conversion into successful sales for your business.

We help various companies who sell house & land packages, new home builds, duplexes, townhouses, apartments, dual-key, co-living, NDIS properties. We also assist buyers agents who focus on finding established properties and development opportunities for their clients for investors and builders who help homeowners renovate 

Do you have any guarantees?
YES! We have a Triple Guarantee.
Most businesses have a risk. We want to completely remove that for our clients and place it on ourselves.
Here’s How It Works:
The entire purpose of us working together is to increase the number of quality leads generated for your business that turn into a sales (not just design fancy marketing that doesn’t convert people into deals).
So, our plain, black and white, Triple Guarantee to you is:
‘Consistency Guarantee’
If we don’t provide you with the agreed number of leads each month of our contract, then we’ll continue to work for FREE until we do
‘Quality Control Guarantee’
Whilst our leads are verified to remove fakes. Any lead with incorrect phone numbers and email will be replaced at No Cost to ensure we maximise your sale opportunities
‘Re-Engage Guarantee’
If we can see you’ve been struggling to connect with any leads, we’ll do our best to re-engage them on our end using our proprietary methods to get them interested again. This often creates new opportunities with leads who you may have considered had ‘gone-cold’.

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