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Case Study

Matt Ellul - Purchase Homes

Here's What We Chat about

  • The impact of working with the team at Nevada Digital and why Matt feels like the ‘Marketing’ component of his business is now ticked off. (1:10min)
  • Past experiences working with other Digital Marketing agencies and how the quality of lead working with Nevada Digital was at a different level which makes getting deals done easier (2:52min)
  • The reason Matt originally started working with Nevada Digital and why it’s one of the main reasons he’s stayed with us for 14 months and counting. (4:48min)
  • The number ‘One-Thing’ Matt likes best about working with the team at Nevada Digital and why it will also be critical to your success (6:31min)
  • What the outcome has been business growth-wise thanks to working with Nevada Digital for 14 months (8:48min)
  • How Matt tried to launch his business 3.5yrs ago and why it failed, but also why it succeeded the second time time around with the help of Nevada Digital (10:09min)
  • What Matt would say to anyone thinking of using the services of Nevada Digital to grow their sales – a must watch for anyone serious about working with us (11:26min)

Nidal Rasheed - Silvertail Property Group

“Within the first few hours I started receiving leads which were high-quality leads, they were earning a good income, had great size deposits and had the motivation to buy. Within a few days my calendar was getting booked up. I highly recommend anyone who is considering doing any marketing or lead generation work and is looking for someone who understands the property industry, the products and properties we sell and really gets the ‘property buyer’s psychology’ to get in touch with Daniel and Lisa from Nevada Digital as they are absolute guns at what they do”.

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